Intense pulsed light (IPL) uses a flash lamp to generate a highly concentrated beam of light which has a thermal effect on the toplayer of the dermis. 


The treatment is extremely fast and virtually pain-free. There is only a mild sensation of heat which can be felt as the light touches the skin.

Duration of treatment

After a minimum of 1-3 sessions spaced 15 days apart, the skin appears radiant and refreshed, for a rejuvenated look with a better skin tone and refined skin texture.


A slight redness will appear within two hours of treatment and persist for 1-2 days. This technique has enjoyed much success since you can immediately resume your activities; however, you are strongly advised to avoid any exposure to the sun for a month prior to treatment and 15 days after treatment.


Reasons to chose SB CLINIC


SB CLINIC offers various treatments : cryolypolysis, laser treatments, medical peels, ultherapy or Ulthera, injections.


The clinic is equipped with the most up-to-date and advanced medical material.

Doctor  Shirine BEERLANDT

Always searching for quality and mastership.

The service

We attach a lot of importance to the quality of our services as well as communication with our patients.