With our latest-generation appliances, permanent or longterm depilation is more effective than ever. Laser treatment allows the removal of unwanted hair permanently independently of their location on the face or on the body.



Thanks to the most recent advances in technology, it is now possible to perform depilation on all skin types in complete safety. The clinic is equipped with various appliances adapted to any skin type and obtains guaranteed results.


The laser beam sweeps the surface to be depilated. The light pulses penetrate the skin and at the same time destroys hundreds of hair follicles.

Duration of treatment

To achieve permanent hair removal, several sessions are necessary at a rate of one session every 4 to 6 weeks. The hairs do not all grow at the same time but by successive generations and only adult hair follicles can be destroyed.


This method is pleasant and risk-free. If correctly dosed, the treatment sessions will only leave minor red marks for a few hours which are similar to those from waxing.

Reasons to chose SB CLINIC


SB CLINIC offers various treatments : cryolypolysis, laser treatments, medical peels, ultherapy or Ulthera, injections.


The clinic is equipped with the most up-to-date and advanced medical material.

Doctor  Shirine BEERLANDT

Always searching for quality and mastership.

The service

We attach a lot of importance to the quality of our services as well as communication with our patients.